About us

How do we operate?

At Barnlab, we and our stakeholders devote significant time on research to ensure that we are at the forefront of product development and innovation. We furthermore ensure that our support services such as the logistics, quality control, general customer service and customer support are of the highest standard so that our customers benefit directly from their increased “Return on Feed Investment”.

In order to achieve increased “Return on Feed Investment” we continuously engage with higher education institutions and through research, publications and consultation ensure that our staff and consultants possess high levels of product-, process- and practical knowledge, which is utilized to our customer’s benefit.

Customers derive value from our innovative formulation processes and technologically advanced animal nutritional solutions as well as from our technically advanced quality control mechanisms which ensure quality products. We perform on-site NIR analysis to ensure in-time feed specification accuracy and provide on farm assistance when required to assist our customers.

What differentiates us from our competitors?

Unique technologies are developed through in-house intellectual property to benefit and differentiate Barnlab’s business from other feed suppliers. One of these technologies is the enhancement of the “rumen bypass protein” levels of high-protein plant feed ingredients (e.g. soya oilcake- and sunflower oilcake meal, full fat soya, etc) that adds significant value to these ingredients at relatively low costs when they are used in ruminant feeds. This benefits Barnlab’s business in that it has particular high value given the scarcity and high cost of alternative sources, like fish meal, as well as the banning of animal protein sources of some livestock species.

A “rumen bypass protein technology” manufacturing plant at the Barnlab site in Vereeniging manufactures these products. These products are also made available for purchasing by other feed suppliers through Treonne, a company, where Kaonne Investments owns a 50% shareholding with Bester Feed & Grain (Pty) Ltd, an agricultural trading company that specialises in the domestic and international marketing of agricultural commodities. More of these plants are planned to be erected in the near future in other areas (including selected African countries) to decrease logistical costs on these high value products. Treonne has also erected a full fat soya extrusion facility at Vereeniging. Having this ingredient and other unique innovative technologies available in-house, enhances Barnlab’s competitiveness on its ruminant and monogastric feed range.

Barnlab also closely associates itself with selected well-respected suppliers around the world that produce technologically enhanced products to add further value to the production efficiencies of farm animals. These products are used within our feed products to add value to the cost of animal performance and therefore decreases the cost per unit of livestock product produced on-farm (e.g. milk, meat, wool, eggs, etc.).

What is our competitive strategy?

  • Highly qualified animal feed scientists with many years of practical experience
  • Solution driven people
  • Maximising profitability through the use of feed formulation programmes and feed models to optimize the cost per unit of livestock product produced on farms
  • Use of livestock models to optimize management and feeding programmes of farm operations
  • Products are tailor made for an area and or farm
  • Quality tested products

The Formula For Advancement

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